A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Find the 3 antidotes to regain your power and win the game.

A proof of concept and work in progress.

This game was made for Wizard Jam 2016, and is based on the title of Episode 76: The Three Antidotes!


  1. Crowd Sourced - The currently static bosses were drawn by my daughter, the smaller enemies that jump around and chase you were drawn by my son, and the music was composed by my buddy Barrett.
  2. Shallow Copy - I took a lot of inspiration from Dark Souls minus the whole 3D thing.
  3. Uniquely Systemic - There are 12 different enemy sprites which are randomly chosen at each enemy spawn. Each has a unique amount of health and attack strength.

Gamepad Controls:

  • A - Jump
  • B - Dodge/Roll
  • X - Attack 1
  • Y - Attack 2
  • Up - Interact

Mouse/Keyboard Controls:

  • Space - Jump
  • Ctrl/LMB - Dodge/Roll
  • RMB - Attack 1
  • MMB - Attack 2
  • W - Interact

Update 4: Ver. 0.15

I added the mapped controls to the beginning of the level.

Update 3: Ver. 0.14

Internalization Meter added, Camera follow and BOSS CAMS, tearing between tiles fixed, level flow/ "what the hell am I doing" improved, and the elevator is working for real now, I think.

Update 2:

Fixed elevator and dodge roll. Also I don't think you could "Finish" the game before... Now you can!

Update 1:

I kinda fixed the elevator from the first build. It's still a bit screwy though.


The_3_Antidotes_0.15.zip - Newest Version 20 MB
The_3_Antidotes_0.15.app.zip - Newest Version 24 MB

Install instructions

Unzip, double click the .exe and play!


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Clearly DS inspired. Great job. I'm sad I didn't play it until now. Your kids did a great job with the art :D Croc Boss!!!!!

Love the art from your kids. Great idea both for the game and for engaging your kids :)

I murdered everything...I guess I won?

Hope you keep at it!

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you checked it out.

You know, you can't just go through life murdering everything and thinking you will win. There is a way to get some actual credits and a "Congratulations" screen, which is only slightly tied to the murdering of things.

I loved the hand-drawn enemies! The controls felt a little loose, but you could just say it was like Dark Souls :P Great work mate!


I really liked the character of this - the cute turtle and music, and the mix of enemies!